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stuff is changing, stuff is changing

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!!!!!, !("farfie"), !(euclid avenue), !(miami heat), "das hat sie auch gesagt!", "it's as you say miria!", "kitten" in gaelic, "kitten" in irish, "schlurpp fflpp schhhlllrrrp", 8059 = their love is indivisible, ah love ye, akushiba's porn fetish, alan turing is my homeboy, alan turing's pageboy fetish, albinos with religious issues, anal ikebana, anal-ikebana-action!crawford, anatomical improbabilities, ancient theologies, anime, any and all religions, aya-controlled unicorns, baccano!/baccayesyesyes!, banach-tarski/banach-tarski = otp, bio-anything, biology, blinding you with science, boston, breaking crawford's resolution, buddhist chanting in my grungemetal, calling dignam a cunt, cheap ikea knock-offs, comic books, crawford/unicorn, czeslaw being tortured, das manstik, detective dollapoppaskalious, die's adorkable smile, die's loreal!hairtoss, die/beer = otp, dir en grey, discworld, doctor sheldon cooper for the win, dr. horrible's sing-along blog, dramamine/dramayours, eastern promises, electric six-ing total strangers, english music, europe, evil plotting, fan creations, farfarello, farfarello/schuldig, feeding telekinetics popsicles, fermet's prity french hairs, ffvii, firefly, friendly hostility, fucking!bastard telepaths, genetics, german, german music, germans who understand physics, germany, godzilla!bukkake for great justice, good omens, googling auf deutsch, graham spector/wrench = otp, graphic novels, guinea pigs, hiding behind eyepatches, hordes of hungarian barbarians, hungarian, hungary, ireland, irish, japanese music, keelhauling on a saturday, kyo's little-known puppy addiction, lace curtain irish motherfuckers, ladd/graham = such sweet sorrow, learning, life, lotr, magyar, magyarország, manga, mein wild irish rose, miwa shirow's dogs, modern theologies, monkeys on nitrous oxide, music, my little stormtroopers, my nerdmigos, my-life-is-a-divine-comedy, neil gaiman, nicotine-addicted redheads, nikola tesla's mustache, oh noes not rail tracer!, panentheism, perl/c = otp, pluto/charon = otp, polytheism, porqueeeee?!, programming at midnight, qu'est-ce que sup?, quark-blocking, reading, rock & roll, rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock, sarcasm as foreplay, satan's alley, saying "run away" 42 consecutive times, schuldig, schuldig/farfarello, schuldigpuppies, sci-fi/fantasy, science, silas, snaflin' coobeasties, socio/tele/paths, space elephants, spider jerusalem's drugs, squelcha squelcha squelcha, star wars, starting fires in taco bell, stigmal navigation, taking over the world, teh science!!!!!, telepaths with identity crises, terry pratchett, the check "check engine light" light, the cunning use of porn and kittens, the emperor's new groove, the flying pussyfoot, the luggage, the oompa loompas of science, unpredictably sexy irishmen, v for vendetta, warren ellis' holy slut army, weiss kreuz, weiß kreuz, writing, yango needs a spin-off, ,
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