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2010-05-01 11:04 pm

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If you have added me here on Dreamwidth, or are thinking of adding me, you should know that I am predominantly (currently, exclusively) active on LiveJournal. I have the same username on LJ, so you should be able to find me just as easily if you want to be friends, or equal opportunity reading partners, or interwub penpalz, or whatever.

I currently have no plans to import my LJ or to cross-post to this DW account. This is going to remain blank, or locked to private, until further notice. It is here as a back-up for my LJ, in case LJ suddenly starts persecuting (zomg oppresshun!!!) fandom or something. I will probably use it to keep up with people who have moved exclusively to Dreamwidth, although I can't guarantee how good I'm going to be at that. Uh. Sorry?


If we know one another from LJ and you have changed your username, please let me know. Otherwise I will think you are a Stranger, and we all know about Stranger Danger. It is Dangerous.

If you are a Stranger, and you are active on LJ, please add me over there instead of/in addition to adding me here. If you are not active on LJ, please let me know. If it's possible for me to subscribe to your DW from LJ, I will probably do so, but otherwise I probably won't add you back. No offense. I'm lazy and I've taken root in LJ; to move me, you will need at least a spade, but some mycorrhizas won't hurt, either.

Oh, and warning: I AM A NERD.

Also, I have a raging hard-on for Schuldig & Farfarello from Weiß Kreuz. And Alan Turing. And peanut M&Ms. And lots of other things, as well.